Safety is the most important component for any holiday or business trip. Hotels, vacation rentals and resorts have unique needs to ensure the safety of their guests. Intertek solutions identify and minimise environmental, risk management, and health risks to employees and guests. From facility health assessments, programme development, cleaning and disinfectant process oversight, post-cleaning verification to compliance reporting and certification.
In these days of COVID-19 every hospitality location needs to show that they take customer safety and welfare seriously. It is vital that everything is in place to Prevent the Spread of Infection (POSI). This means implementing protocols that manage and measure the effectiveness of hygiene standards at any point. POSI-Check will guide you through what is needed at each step and will verify that your location is COVID-19 ready. Accepted by major tour operators and online agents, POSI-Check is the global seal that shows your site is safe.

The cleanliness of your guest rooms is the most important area of safety in your hotel. In the post COVID19 world you need to be sure that your housekeeping services are effective in delivering clean rooms to all guests. RoomCheck measures the cleanliness of 8 key surfaces within each room to ensure cleaning standards are maintained, preventing the spread of infection (POSI). You will be provided with door hanger designs to give your guest the comfort of knowing their room is clean.

Any swimming pool is dangerous in many ways. There is the physical danger of drowning, but there is also the danger of infection from the water. There is also the danger from chemicals, as well as slips and trips in the pool area. All in all, the swimming pools is a dangerous environment. PoolCheck takes all these dynamic areas of risk into a single module that addresses each point. Regular verification that standards are implemented effectively and maintained is a key part of any risk management system. provides the traveller with as much information as possible to make their holiday a more memorable experience, for the right reasons. All our reports and hotel listings on our website have been verified recently by a real person, visiting a real hotel.

Intertek Cristal's solutions and certification offer the protection of effective global brand assurance in a highly competitive market. Intertek Cristal has customer confidence, safety, and trust at its heart. It employs one of the largest groups of quality, hygiene, safety, and security experts in the world, and boasts more than two decades in the field.

Protek provides end-to-end learning and certification solutions, from Covid-19 related training programmes to specific modules on how to use face masks, gloves, and other PPE. In addition, courses on hygiene, cleaning, and prevention of the spread of infectious diseases help to assure the health, safety and wellbeing of employees and customers alike

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