As consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious, they rely on product labels as a way of differentiating between various foods and brands to make informed food choices.

The food label is the primary method of communicating product information between companies and their consumers. It provides basic product information, as well as nutritional and safety details, and acts as a vehicle for marketing and advertising. At Intertek, our specialists have the expert knowledge and experience to help food and beverage companies to comply with labelling regulation. We can provide your business with a complete solution for your food labelling requirements to ensure compliance within all your destination markets.

Our network of global experts provide full label review services that can help you implement labels for your food products whether you need single or multi-languages labels, for more than 50 different countries worldwide. We can support you wherever you do business. Our team of food regulatory professionals provide label validation services in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Middle East, North Africa, South Africa, and Oceania.

Our Food Labelling Services

Regulatory compliance check of all labelling items against both national and international regulations in the target country including the validation of ingredients and additives/processing aids.

Regulatory compliance check of all labelling items against both national and international regulations in the target country.

We will provide you with the legally correct text for your label in each required language which you can then use to create the label.

We will check the compliance of the ingredients of a product. It will be checked whether all ingredients given can be used for the required product and whether additives are used within the maximum levels allowed.

Our food experts are well versed in regulatory affairs with thousands of labels brought into compliance. We are here to help you navigate national and international labelling regulations.

Working with Intertek

Intertek's food testing and assurance network offers a diverse set of analytical and advisory services to ensure the safety and quality of your products. Our global network of food laboratories offer testing solutions such as nutritional analysis, microbiology testing, testing for genetically modified organisms (GMO), food authenticity, contaminants and allergens as well as sensory evaluation and shelf life studies to give your food product an in depth, wide scope analysis.

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