Customer satisfaction is essential to running a successful business. Your brand’s reputation can greatly influence customers from patronaging your organisation.

The age of the internet has significantly changed how consumers search for products and services. Consumers want to receive the best services, experiences, and quality, and are turning to online reviews to help them make decisions.
Effectively managing your brand’s reputation has become more important than ever, having a direct impact on profitability and online visibility. On average, organisations have a sizable revenue increase for every additional star rating in an online review. A positive review online ensures a rise in click rates.

What we offer

360° Brand Assurance service provides your organization a complete and reliable brand reputation audit program. It targets two pillars of brand reputation: customer satisfaction and health and safety risk management. By focusing on these key factors, we can help identify critical areas of improvement in:

  • E-reputation visibility
  • Communication tools evaluation
  • Consumer experience
  • Kitchen safety
  • Sustainability evaluation
  • Testing results

Our 360° service is suitable for all food establishments including bakeries, restaurants, hotels, catering, fast food chains, coffee shops, e-commerce, and retails and luxury stores.

Benefits to your organization

By completing a 360° Brand Assurance audit, your organization will:

  • Manage and protect your brand’s reputation
  • Stay ahead of the competition by pro-actively identifying critical points
  • Obtain an innovative report and create a tailored corrective action plan
  • Demonstrate due diligence in food safety
  • Benchmark your sites against your global database and gain access to analytics
  • Obtain global, regional, and local trends

Intertek has the ideal global network with experts using unique principles to evaluate your brand reputation. We work according to your needs and can customize the service to local market expectations in order to achieve your goals. With the right set of tools and inspections, we provide the quality and value you deserve.

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