Seafood is a highly perishable commodity, with strict regulations and guidelines to ensure the supply of safe and sustainable products to market. No matter where your service supports the supply chain, Intertek can offer you a complete solution to tackle the unique challenges you face.

As a long established global leader in food safety, we offer a full range of services in inspection, testing, auditing, certification and training. We work with you to support your unique operation, offering services from the fish farms and trawlers all the way through to packaging and the supermarket shelves. Whether you are an importer/exporter, processor, retailer, restaurant or distributor, we will offer you the same excellent service, ensuring your product provides transparency, consistency, product integrity, traceability and even sustainability along its journey.

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Our global team offers you a comprehensive programme of inspection to suit your requirements. Inspecting your goods every step of the way with our complete service offered during production, final random inspection and inspection load supervision.

You can select the level of security needed to protect your products safely.

We are committed to food safety and can offer you solutions to give you peace of mind and to ensure your integrity remains intact. Our state of the art network of laboratories can incorporate the latest techniques to protect your product.

We can provide tailored testing specifications and methodologies to suit your needs, microbiological tests, chemical and analytical testing, nutritional analysis and much more.

Supply chain validation and product certification are essential to demonstrate your commitment to food safety and sustainability.

We offer a range of auditing solutions including GLOBALG.A.P, Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Chain of Custody (CoC), British Retail Consortium (BRC), International Featured Standard (IFS), Seafood HACCP, Supply Chain Validation and many more, and can also create bespoke solutions for your unique business needs.

We can offer you a range of supportive service to excel your products in the marketplace and ensure that they conform to local and international regulatory requirements, covering nutritional analysis, labelling, packaging, shelf life studies and sensory analysis.

Our team has a wealth of experience serving the seafood industry and a world class reputation for delivering quality and value.

Our team of trainers have an extensive knowledge in training and implementing programmes, to help you to understand regulatory requirements, improve business processes, and meet customer demands. This includes sanitation and cleanliness of premises and processing equipment, preparation areas and production lines, and food handlers' hygiene.

We can also tailor any training programme to your specific requirements and deliver it worldwide.

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