MSC Chain of Custody (CoC) – Sustainable Fisheries Certification

Intertek is an accredited MSC Chain of Custody certifier with clients in restaurant, retail, processing, wholesale and food service sectors.

MSC Chain of Custody certification not only provides seafood buyers with confidence that products can be traced back to a fishery that meets the MSC Fisheries Standard, but it also provides consumers creditable assurance of the traceability of the supply chain back to a certified source. Expressed as an MSC ecolabel to the end consumer, the distinctive blue logo indicates the supply chain has been independently assessed and the product identified as certified comes from sustainable fisheries.

The CoC is your guarantee that the integrity of the process will be maintained and followed vigorously. To ensure that certifications are replicable, strident and fair, we are subjected to and audited against the same accreditation provisions as those utilised on all certifiers. The CoC can give you the competitive edge in the marketplace, providing your buyers with assurance of well-managed and sustainable sources, through this Internationally recognised, distinctive blue logo to be used on your products or to bear the claim that they are MSC certified, on the final packaging.

We offer each variation of the MSC Chain of Custody:

  • Default: This is main version which is applicable to single or multi-sited organisations which handles or trades with certified products
  • Group: Any company that handled certified products at multiple sites, where each site sis controlled and monitored by a central head office
  • Consumer Facing Organisations: Companies of any size that serve or sell certified product primarily or directly to the end consumer, such as retail outlets

As an independently-approved certification body of the MSC, Intertek can assess each company in the supply chain of MSC certified product from the source fishery to the producer of the end consumer.

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