Food Product Label Review Services

Intertek's experts support the food industry with regulatory labelling requirements compliance.

The food label is the primary method of communicating product information between companies and their consumers. It provides basic product information, as well as nutritional and safety details, and acts as a vehicle for marketing and advertising. As consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious, they rely on product labels as a way of differentiating between various foods and brands to make informed food choices.

In recognition of this growing trend, regulatory authorities have established and enforced the policies and standards used to protect consumers against false or misleading representation on food labels. Thanks to Intertek’s global network, we can help you implement labels for your food products whether you need single or multi-languages labels, for more than 100 different countries worldwide.

Food Product Label Review Services

Intertek’s experts offer translation and validation services to assess your product labelling and to ensure that every aspect, including layout and language, complies with national and international legislation, including the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) nutritional value analysis and the EU's Food Information to Consumers regulation.

Our translation and validation service assesses your product labelling to ensure that every aspect, including layout and language, complies with national and international legislation.

A review of the ingredients list ensuring that the ingredients are legally approved, used within the correct limits and also meet labelling requirements.

In case you need consultancy on specific aspects of food labelling or any associated regulations.

An assessment of the product and review of the legal requirements of the labels, including product name, ingredients list, allergen declarations, nutrition facts, durability dates, storage conditions, net contents, country of origin, font size, claims and all other mandatory requirements that are essential to comply with the regulations of your destination countries.

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