Food Hygiene Control - Making the most of your Mark

By becoming recognised with the Intertek Food Hygiene Control Programme, you can promote your achievement to your existing customers and use it to attract new ones.

The Food Hygiene Control Programme is evidence to your customers that your site conforms to stringent standards set in the hygiene audit and that you will be taking part in ongoing inspections over the next 12 months. Demonstrating your commitment can help build consumer confidence in your business and build trust in your brand.

Your achievement can be displayed in your premises, with your certificate behind the counter and sticker displayed in the window. Use the Mark itself in your on-site menu, website, advertising, sales literature and in user documentation. It can be a powerful marketing aid if used correctly.

There are many different ways that you can announce your organisation's achievement, both internally and externally. Here's a list of just a few of the ways our clients have accomplished this:

  • Prepare and distribute a press release to key media, including industry magazines, trade organisations and local newspapers
  • Announce the good news to customers and suppliers with a letter or email from your president/CEO, or an article in your company newsletter
  • Create a page on your company's website dedicated to your Hygiene Control Mark and tell your customers about the importance of food safety and hygiene
  • Display your certificate in a prominent location
  • Mention your achievement in all advertising, the advert itself could be an announcement of your new qualification
  • Use your Food Hygiene Control Mark on printed materials including stationery, business cards, literature, etc
  • Display a flag or banner to announce your achievement
  • Add the Mark, and/or text describing your certificate, to exhibition booth graphics
  • Organise an open house in recognition of your achievement and invite VIP customers and suppliers
  • Add the Food Hygiene Control Mark to promotional items and company vehicles

Find out how to become recognised with the Intertek Food Hygiene Control Mark or visit our dedicated FAQs page for further information.

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