Food Hygiene Control Programme - How to become recognised

Understand how the Intertek Hygiene Control Programme works and how you can become recognised for your good food hygiene practices.

Intertek's Food Hygiene Control Programme helps your business to establish a high standard for the design, implementation and maintenance of your food safety programme, assisting with the control of food safety hazards in catering activities where food is prepared, processed, cooked, stored, transported, distributed and served for human consumption.

Which businesses are included:

  • Restaurants and bars which are based inside hotels and resorts
  • Independent restaurants which are located outside of a hotel or resort
  • Catering activities with industrial kitchens which prepares food and sells it to be packed and distributed to a group of people or individuals

What can you expect during the audit process:

Once you have signed up for the Food Hygiene Control Programme, we will send an auditor to your specified premises to carry out the audit. The duration of the audit depends on the size of your business but on average takes up to eight hours per site. If your hygiene audit is successful and the terms and conditions of certification are in order, you will then be issued with an Intertek Food Hygiene Control Mark which will be valid for one year. Our auditor will visit the premises a further three times within the year to ensure compliance - these visits will consist of one announced and two unannounced audits. Once the year is complete, you can continue with the programme and start the cycle of audits again.

What will you receive if you become recognised:

If you are successful in being recognised for your food hygiene practices, you will receive a welcome pack containing your certificate and sticker which you can display at your premises to inform your consumers. You will also receive a copy of the Mark which you can use to promote your achievement on your marketing materials.

For further information visit our dedicated FAQs page.

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Need help or have a question?

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