The growing pet food market is subjected to rigorous demands in terms of both flavour and quality testing, however the legal requirements as a standard of quality are still insufficient, making it challenging for suppliers to ensure their products reach their full potential.

The experts at Intertek provide a range of analytical services for the pet food industry which record product stability, to not only fulfil legal EU requirements, but also the nutritional physiological quality of the food. We have a wealth of experience within the field of pet food testing and evaluation; developing strategies for producers and retailers to control and maintain their product lines as effectively as possible.

The reports collated from our testing and analysis contain clear statements on EU requirements and nutritional physiology to help facilitate the interpretation of any detected results. 

Our comprehensive range of pet food services includes:

  • Label validation and marketability tests
  • Risk-orientated monitoring plans
  • Development of product specifications
  • Tests and assessments - in terms of sensory and nutritional physiology
  • Real-life-palatability tests - with dogs and cats
  • Analytical tests encompassing nutrients, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, further ingredients, residues, contaminants, additives, GMO, animal species and microbiological parameters

By partnering with Intertek, pet food manufacturers have the opportunity to set up formulas during their development stage in order to create market ready products in terms of nutritional physiology. Retailers can also use this criteria to examine product ranges already on sale or to help them select suitable suppliers during the listing stage.


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