Paper testing expertise to the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) standards

Intertek offers a full scope of paper testing to standards from the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) as part of our extensive package testing services throughout our global network of laboratories. The TAPPI testing is complemented by same-site chemical analysis and our packaging testing capabilities, to assess quality, performance and sustainability of paper and cardboard materials.

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Paper Testing Solutions:

  • TAPPI T403 – Bursting Strength of Paper
  • TAPPI T410 – Paper Grammage
  • TAPPI T411 – Thickness
  • TAPPI T412 – Moisture Content
  • TAPPI T414 – Tearing Resistance
  • TAPPI T425 – Opacity
  • TAPPI T435 – pH of Paper Extracts
  • TAPPI T432 – Water Absorbency
  • TAPPI T452 – Brightness
  • TAPPI T489 – Stiffness
  • TAPPI T494 – Tensile Strength
  • TAPPI T456 – Wet Tensile Strength
  • TAPPI T559 – Grease Resistance
  • TAPPI T576 – Tensile Properties of Towels & Tissue Products
  • TAPPI T581 – Dry Tensile Properties of Paper Towel & Tissue Products
  • TAPPI T803 – Puncture Resistance
  • TAPPI T804 – Compression of Cartons
  • TAPPI T810 – Bursting Strength of Corrugated Board
  • TAPPI T811 – Edgewise Compression Strength
  • TAPPI T830 – Ink Rub
  • TAPPI T839 – Edgewise Compression Strength Using the Clamp Method
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