Our experts provide a wide range of water services that ensure the preservation and quality of one of our most precious resources.

Our wide range of services assists our clients in all water related sectors including water utilities, industry, oil and gas, ports and harbours, food, power stations, desalination and pharmaceuticals. We help our clients explore water properties and produce quality improvements through the use of practical technologies.

Our modelling and predictive services provide design and investment information for asset investment and management, delivering substantial cost savings and demonstrable improvements in environmental quality.

In our global network of laboratories, our analytical services range from drinking water to industrial water, wastewater and contaminated groundwater. Intertek also offers inspection and maintenance services for ballast water, water treatment plants and waste water treatment processes.

Intertek is active in all primary aspects of Water Services:

Modelling – Prediction, data analysis, compliance and impact assessment
Our modelling services provide environmental assurance and compliance services to the water industry. We deliver comprehensive assessment of asset impacts on the environment and advise on mitigations and interventions to ensure environmental performance, protecting vital resource and delivering cost efficient asset investment and asset management.

Using unique and highly advanced compliance assessment software, for example in the management of bathing waters and commercial shellfish waters, provides enormous amount of understanding and information regarding management, leading to better quality, efficient investment and highly managed assets. Our assessments have provided capital expenditure savings of over £250M in the UK, for example.

Our data and information management programmes combined with our high value predictive and numerical modelling and forecasting tools provide you with advanced knowledge and solutions needed to properly track and maintain assets. Our GIS and data management allow clients to make informed decisions about their operations that maintain a positive impact on the environment around them.

Water Quality Services
Intertek provides water quality testing and analysis services on a global bases. Our comprehensive suite of water testing services includes marine potable water quality testing and legionella management as well as regional specific services like UK drinking water quality testing and Kenya water quality testing that help ensure companies meet and exceed regional specific legal requirements. Our data analysis and computer modeling techniques provide you with water quality services that help you understand the impact your assets have on the environment.

Intertek also provides sea water analysis to support various industries around the world including offshore oil and gas.

Water Activity in Food
Intertek provides water activity testing  for food, grains and other agricultural products. Our food laboratory uses state-of-the art laboratory instrumentation for water activity analysis that allows our customers to remain compliant with government and other food safety programmes.

Water Management Services
We provide life cycle assessment (LCA) and water footprinting services to assist clients with the systematic evaluation of the environmental impacts of their products or services. By focusing on product development and product improvement we ensure that you are armed with the knowledge necessary to remain compliant and on the forefront of your industry.

Groundwater Services
Our groundwater surveillance and remediation services help our clients remain compliant with environmental regulations that assess the impact of their operations on ground water resources. Our programmes allow you to monitor and control potential sources of ground water contamination that may harm the environment and surrounding communities.

Water Treatment Process
We oversee industrial-scale processes that make water more acceptable for use and consumption by removing contaminants. Intertek provides water content testing for the petroleum, chemicals and fuel industries, which helps our clients understand and control water moisture and content. Our formation and produced water analysis testing laboratories help clients understand the chemistry of reservoir formation water, produced water, and any potential impact on the environment. We also provide cooling water services that address concerns regarding corrosion and microbiological control.

Water Engineering and Consulting
Intertek offers water engineering and consulting services that answer the demand for effective clean and wastewater water management. We provide you with environmental assessments  that address community concerns, environmental protection and conservation regulations. We work closely with our clients to develop strategic planning for wastewater management that protects and enhances water resources. Intertek is able to provide you with ballast water management and oil spill contingency planning services that ensure operational efficiency and compliance. 

Intertek also provides water corrosion monitoring services that allow for real-time corrosivity measurements and degradation information that gives you the ability to better assess, rehabilitate and plan your infrastructure. Intertek’s asset management services support design and management of offshore oil and gas, renewable energy, subsea cable and wastewater projects. Compliance to materials for drinking and portable water helps you obtain approvals and certifications.

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