Environmental engineers assist companies with the implementation and validation of continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) according to EN-14181

Standard EN-14181 is split into three Quality Assurance Levels and one Annual Surveillance test which is applied to automated emissions monitoring instrumentation installed at a plant. It focuses on the approval calibration, as well as the testing and performance of the measuring system which is dedicated to the monitoring and reporting of emissions.

Companies must understand the stipulations and procedures necessary in the implementation of the EN-14181 Standard which is very demanding. Assessment, monitoring and implementation is intensive,  time-consuming and ongoing.

Intertek experts assist companies with the design, engineering, installation, start- up, calibration, validation and maintenance of Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS).

Standard EN-14181 is written to secure quality of online gas emission monitoring systems, Automatic Measuring Systems (AMS). Online gas emission monitoring systems measure substances directly online thereby supplying real time information on gas emissions. Working according to the EN-14181 Standard is required, for example regarding emission trading rights.

Standard EN-14181 is comprised of three Quality Assurance Levels (QAL) and one Annual Surveillance Test (AST). These include:


  • QAL 1: Choice of the qualified equipment (Automated Measuring System) and the measuring procedure
  • QAL 2: Quality assurance of the installation and calibration, including validation
  • QAL3: Ongoing quality assurance of the AMS
  • AST: Annual Quality assurance by control measurements


The requirements for continuous air emission measurements are specified in law and regulations:


  • European Industrial Emissions Directive (IED)
  • European directive on emission trading


Intertek experts guide companies in all stages of the implementation of CEMS according EN 14181 and is qualified according ISO 17025 for the QAL2 and AST procedure. For full and swift assistance please contact our expert team to discuss your company’s needs.

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