Mobile Stack Emission Measurements, supporting your emission control programs with accurate and reliable ISO 17025 monitoring services

Monitoring stack emissions or other manufacturing facility emissions, plays an important role in effective emission control programs. 

Stack emission control programs can only be effective only if emissions are controlled at the source which requires highly accurate monitoring schedule. The surveillance program must also be able to monitor a wide range of emission components such as  

Our stack emission monitoring team have served the petrochemical, fine chemical, agrichemical, polymer, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical and chemical-using industries for many years, delivering accurate and reliable stack emission sampling and testing programs for production and combustion processes. 

Intertek is ISO 17025 accredited for most stack emission measurement requirements which include monitoring of particulates, heavy metals such as Mercury, NOx, N2O, CO, CO2, O2, SO2, TOC, CxHy, dust, HCL, HF, NH3, flow, pressure, temperature and moisture.  We continuously analyse emissions through mass spectrometry and other technologies but also use conventional wet chemical measurement methods. Our accreditation ensures that our services are delivered to the highest possible standard, employing accredited experts and equipment.

In particular, our stack emission monitoring advisors can help you to comply with regulations and emissions permits and support your emission permit applications. We also provide stack emission processes for process control purposes and for emissions trading purposes (CO2, NOx).

Intertek experts have executed numerous emission monitoring projects all over the globe, including Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa and Americas. We operate to the highest quality standards with superb support from our logistic teams.

Our reliable stack testing programs can help you to ensure a compliant and effective control program. Our accumulated knowledge means that we can offer you the best possible solutions to meet your stack emission measurement needs. 

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