Intertek delivers emission measurements and advisory services related to emission trade.

Emission trade involves trading emission credits and rights. Emission rights give companies and/or countries the permission to exhaust greenhouse or other harmful gasses that are having a negative impact on the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOX) or nitrous oxide (N2O).

By expressing them in tradable units, companies can make an investment decision to weather or not produce less emission. Do we invest in cleaner technologies or are we going to buy additional emission rights? This is an economic decision and should be based on concrete data, all starting with the determination of the emission numbers.

Measurements for the emission trade can be split-up in verification measurements for quality assurance of continuous emission measurement systems, and the key-figure determination.

Intertek experts are specialised in the measurements and is equipped to provide this service on a global base. Measurements are being performed according officially recognised methods or in-house prescriptions, such as NEN-EN 14792, NEN-EN 14789, NEN-EN 21258, NEN-EN 14181 and NEN-EN 15259.

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