Integrated ecotoxicity approaches to determine and characterise environmental toxicity, risk, and ecological impacts.

Ecotoxicity testing provides a foundation for understanding the impacts that a chemical or effluent has on the environment. Laboratory ecotoxicity studies examine the relationships between exposure and effect under controlled conditions to determine threshold toxicity concentrations.

Deriving safe threshold concentrations for chemicals or effluents is an increasing requirement in many regulatory and risk assessments frameworks globally.

Our Ecotoxicology laboratory in Australia focuses on an integrated approach to ecotoxicity and environmental risk assessments. Experienced in a variety of international regulatory guidelines, we can tailor a testing regime to fulfil client’s regulatory requirements.

Intertek Ecotoxicology routinely conducts aquatic and sediment toxicity assessments using advanced ecotoxicology and analytical chemistry techniques. Utilizing a range of bioassays species from multiple tropic levels and ecosystems, toxicity assessments focus on contaminant bioavailability to derive toxicity thresholds.

Intertek provides innovative and cost-effective solutions for assessing toxicity, including:

  • Direct toxicity assessment (DTA) of whole effluents (i.e. WET testing)
  • Deriving site-specific trigger values and dilution factors for effluents and waste-waters
  • Whole sediment and pore-water testing of marine sediments and dredged materials
  • Identifying toxicants in complex effluents and sediments using multi-phase TIE
  • Compliance monitoring of licensed industrial activities
  • Short-term and long-term monitoring studies
  • Crude oil water accommodated fraction toxicity assessment
  • Toxicity and efficacy assessment of oil spill control agents
  • Crude oil and condensate weathering and dispersion studies
  • Quantifying the environmental effects of drilling fluids and cuttings
  • Characterising produced formation waters

Our ecotoxicology laboratory, combined with our environmental chemists provide an integrated service delivering high quality reliable results to meet the needs of industry and environmental regulators.

Intertek’s environmental toxicologists and chemists are skilled in project development and management, analytical services, analysis and interpretation of data, report writing, and presentation of results with a rapid turnaround and high approval rating. The ecotoxicology laboratory accepts work from clients on a global basis.

Ecotoxicology services:

  • ISO 17025 accredited laboratory 
  • Chronic, Sub-lethal, and Acute Assays
  • Aquatic and sediment testing
  • Chemical and effluent testing
  • Assessments for temperate and tropical ecosystems

Environmental services:

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