Minerals, Ore, and Mining Services

Mineral and Mining exploration and production analysis, testing, inspection and assay services.

Intertek mineral experts with years of industry experience provide rapid and reliable Total Quality Assurance mineral testing and inspection services. The global minerals laboratory network services clients wherever they are based. Mineral assay laboratories are located in key mining regions and locations, providing sample preparation facilities and a wide range of state-of-the-art mineral testing services.

Minerals sample preparation expertise:

  • Standard Mineral Sample Preparation (dry, crush, split and pulverise)
  • Total and Individual Preparation Procedures
  • Core Cutting
  • Compositing
  • Particle Size Analysis
  • Quarantine Services
  • Secure Sample Storage and Management
  • Mineral Sample Preparation

Precious metals assay:

  • Fire Assay, Pb and NiS Collection
  • Screen Fire Assay
  • Aqua Regia Digest
  • Cyanide Leach 
  • Precious Metals Analysis
  • Bullion and Dore Analysis

Exploration geochemistry:

  • Gold and Multi-Elements by Aqua Regia Digestion
  • Multi-Elements by Multi Acid Digestion
  • Trace Elements by XRF
  • Partial Digest, Selective Leach Geochemistry
  • Analysis of Biogeochemical Samples, Biota and Plant Tissue
  • Mineral Exploration Geochemistry 
  • Hydrogeochemistry

Ores and Commodities:

  • Advanced exploration, including; lithium borate and sodium peroxide fusions
  • Ores and High Grade Materials
  • Base Metals
  • Iron Ore including Davis Tube Recovery
  • Aluminium Ore
  • Chromite Ore
  • Nickel Laterite Ore
  • Manganese Ore
  • Uranium
  • Rare Earth Elements
  • Industrial Minerals
  • Refractory Minerals

Environmental analysis:

  • Acid Rock Drainage Prediction Tests
  • Water Analysis, Seawater Analysis, Drinking Water Analysis, Sediment Analysis
  • Wastewater Analysis and Characterisation
  • Water Quality Class I, II, III, IV
  • Wastewater (Oil & Gas)
  • Metal and Anion Parameters for TCLP
  • Acid Sulphate Soils
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Environmental Baseline Studies
  • Nutrients for Agricultural Purposes
  • US EPA Methods
  • Minerals Environmental Testing Services
  • Northern Territory Environmental Laboratory

Mine-site laboratories:

Intertek designs, installs, commissions and operates sample preparation plants and analytical laboratories at mine and exploration sites around the globe. Services range from simple crusher installations to full service analytical laboratories and fully automated robotic facilities. 

Minerals consulting services:

  • Laboratory Audits
  • Design QC Programs
  • Quality Reports
  • Geochemical Data Interpretation
  • Design of Analytical Schemes
  • Method Development
  • Advice on Environmental Sampling and Scheme of Analysis
  • Consultation on all Partial Digest Issues, including Digest Type and Program Design
  • Import, Clearance and Logistics Advice 

Mineral ore marine inspections:

  • Independent Draft Surveys (for Certification)
  • Hold Cargo Cleanliness Inspections
  • Cargo Loading/Unloading, supervision and Final Trimming
  • On and Off Hire Surveys
  • Independent Ship/Cargo Damage and Repair Surveys
  • Ship Vetting to Industry Surveys
  • Pre Purchase Surveys (Pre-Shipment Inspection)
  • P and I Surveys
  • Mineral cargo inspection services 

 Mineral Ore Bulk Commodities:

  • Commodities include; Iron Ore, Manganese Ore, Chrome Ore, Coal and Coke, Ferro Alloys, Steel Products, Ferrous and Nonferrous Scrap and Metallurgical Products
  • Sampling to International (ISO) Standards and other National Standards according to the Client’s Requirements
  • Joint Inspection with other Inspection Organisations or Independent Inspection
  • Weighing supervision
  • Sample Preparation
  • Independent Physical Testing and Chemical Analysis for Certification
    -  Size Determination
    - Moisture Testing
    - Dimension Testing
  • Certification Services
  • Ores and Concentrates
     - Shipment and Umpire Analysis for Commercial Settlement
    - Iron Ore, Nickel Laterite, Aluminium Ore (Bauxite), Chromite Ore, Manganese Ore and Uranium Ore
    - Classical Techniques

Robotics and Automated Laboratory Systems:

State-of-the-art robotic and automated systems are customised and designed to meet specific laboratory requirements and range from individual cells through to fully integrated systems providing a complete end to end sampling to analysis solution.

  • Sampling Systems
  • Semi Automated Sample Preparation
  • Automated Robotic Sample Preparation
  • Mechanised Analytical Systems
  • Robotic Analytical Systems
  • Integrated Instrumentation


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