Mine Site Laboratory Services

On-site expertise from mobile sample preparation facilities, customised mine site laboratories through to fully automated robotic laboratories.

Specialised automated on site laboratory systems enable clients to manage the challenges of staffing in remote locations along with providing efficiency, consistency and safety benefits. Fast, accurate and independent mineral analyses by Intertek allows mines to effectively manage their process control and regulatory reporting requirements.
Intertek designs, commissions and operates customised port and mine site laboratories and sample preparation facilities in remote locations across multiple mineral commodities globally.  Through a dedicated mine site services project team Intertek provides clients with a complete solution for any scale of exploration, mine or port site laboratory installation from concept phase through to contract management.  
Intertek's extensive global laboratory network provides technical and staffing support, the ability to leverage global equipment and service provider agreements and the reassurance of partnering with a global industry leader.  
Outsourcing your port or mine site laboratory services to Intertek ensures your operation will benefit from world-class expertise and Total Quality Assurance services, while enabling your company to focus resources and capital on the core business.


Mine Site Services

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