Intertek accredited environmental laboratories support the minerals industry with a range of water, soil and air testing to governmental, regulatory and industry standards.

Intertek laboratories provide quality environmental testing services to the government and mining sectors, assisting clients with the collection and analysis of a range of samples to determine if maximum allowable limits have been exceeded for a variety of parameters. Most countries have regulations in place to protect natural environments from the impacts of pollution, and guidelines to monitor exposure of workers to various physical, chemical and biological hazards which may be encountered in the workplace.  Local Intertek laboratories offer a proven understanding of government and environmental requirements and work with clients to manage their compliance.
Essential to meeting environmental guidelines; expert advice is available on the most appropriate collection techniques and environmental testing methodologies. Sampling and environmental testing services related with water and air quality monitoring are available along with the ability to characterise waste and contaminated soil.
Intertek provides innovated and cost effective Total Quality Assurance solutions for assessing toxicity through our specialised ecotoxicology laboratory, which combined with Intertek environmental chemists  provide an integrated service delivering high quality reliable results to meet the needs of industry and environmental regulators globally.
Sampling and testing of occupational hazards such as respirable fibres, noise, vibration and noxious chemicals/gases assist companies to comply with health protection guidelines.
Minerals Environmental Testing Services:
Water Quality
Waste Analysis and Characterisation
Air Quality and Industrial Hygiene
Emissions Testing
Sediment and Soil Analysis
    Acid Rock Drainage Prediction (ARD)
    Field Sampling and Onsite Testing
    Baseline Studies
    Ecotoxicology Services

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