Our environmental modelling techniques provide you with the support and tools needed to reduce risks and minimise capital and operational expenditures through effective planning and environmental design.

Environmental modelling uses quantitative data and critical analysis to investigate interactions between a development or asset and the surrounding environment.  Intertek’s environmental modelling services help our clients identify how their physical presence and pollutant discharges effect the environment. Our Total Quality Assurance services help our clients better understand these interactions and minimise associated risks and costs associated with their environmental impact.
Intertek’s Modelling Plus+ provides you with detailed environmental information not available through alternative means.  Our environmental modelling provides our clients with the valuable information needed to identify assets that pose a risk to regulatory and environmental goals.  We also check whether solutions are under or over designed as well as challenge pre-conceived notions of the cause of environmental problems - while developing potential solutions to these problems.
Our environmental modelling allows you to test design scenarios prior to installation which enables you to meet the relevant legislative requirements while minimising your total expenditure (capital and operational costs).  Intertek’s modelling techniques also allow for forensic examination of past problems to establish mitigating measures that help avoid future reoccurrence of the problem.
Intertek brings unparalleled experience in environmental modelling, based on 30+ years’ of involvement in a wide range of markets.  Our diverse services offer support throughout all stages of your project’s life-cycle, including initial planning, surveys and testing, consenting, environmental assessment as well as design, installation and maintenance , and decommissioning.  Our environmental modelling services help our clients remain compliant and confident that their assets are optimised for engineering and environmental performance.
Intertek’s environmental modelling experience covers a broad range of sectors and services, including:
  •  Offshore, coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics
  •  Wave processes
  •  Coastal processes, scour and sediment movement
  •  Oil spill modelling and oil spill contingency planning
  •  Drill cuttings discharges
  •  Risk Based Approach (RBA) to produced water discharges
  •  Ballast water discharges
  •  Industrial discharges (e.g. distilleries, dairies, fish processing)
  •  Mine water discharges
    • Thermal and saline discharges
    • Bathing water  and shellfish water studies
    • Water Framework Directive assessments
    • Catchments, rivers and coasts 
    • Reservoir and lake modelling
    • Coastal and estuarine modelling
    • Environmental assessment
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