Our offshore feasibility analysis helps you determine the viability of your project by analysing risk factors and how they affect your project’s outcome

A feasibility analysis is an important part of early-stage planning of offshore infrastructure projects. These assessments are used in a variety of ways by owners and developers to answer whether or not a project is economically viable and provide an overview of primary issues that may occur during the asset’s lifecycle. Some of the risk factors that a feasibility analysis helps explore include safety, technical, environmental, regulatory, economic and legal issues.
Intertek’s offshore feasibility analysis ensures that all aspects of your project are fully investigated and realistically evaluated. We specialise in providing Total Quality Assurance feasibility assessments that support our clients involved in a wide range of industries including wind, wave and tidal energy as well as subsea power cable for power transmission and distribution. We combine expert understanding of local and regional issues with technical intelligence of marine environmental conditions to help our clients better understand project risks, reduce costs, save time and optimise efficiency.
Our offshore feasibility analysis provides our clients with valuable information during the design phase that addresses issues regarding employee safety, environmental impact and regulatory compliance. Intertek provides marine energy developers with data and information concerning weather and ocean current patterns to establish ideal locations to place their assets. We’re also experienced with performing desktop studies for subsea power cable route assessments. Intertek assesses marine survey records to help our clients better understand the seabed and sea state conditions of potential route corridors.
We also help our clients navigate the consenting and permitting process alongside design and procurement activity. We assist with regulatory issues that may develop if the cable route crosses multiple country boundaries. Intertek’s robust permitting process seamlessly aligns with existing development programs and complements the parallel approval process of other consent requirements.
Intertek also provides technical due diligence services to assist customers that are considering purchasing power transmission distribution units that are already in operation.  We present an independent overview of the state of the asset prior to offer and help you better understand the potential risks of ownership and operation of offshore assets.
Our offshore feasibility analysis services also include:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment)
  • Regulator and stakeholder engagement
  • Resource assessments 
  • Marine coordination
  • Survey specification and management
  • Survey tender evaluation
  • Geophysical and geotechnical assessments
  • Offshore survey and installation / construction client representation
  • Cable array optimization  Hydrodynamic modelling
  • Environmental modelling
  • Decommissioning advice for offshore assets 
  • Marine health and safety


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