Intertek provides our customers with solutions to decrease the amount of packaging materials used, reduce the environmental impacts of their packaging and optimize packaging design to save costs throughout the supply chain, while ensuring the protection of the product is not compromised.

Today’s manufacturers seek packaging options that not only offer the necessary protection to ensure that the product arrives to its final destination intact, but that also provide a cost-effective solution that has minimal impact on the environment.

Intertek’s sustainable packaging optimization experts review your product, packaging and the bill of material in order to conduct an assessment on the packaging configuration, various components and current design, ultimately identifying unused space and redundant materials.  A new design is then generated and tested to industry standards, optimizing and reducing the cost and environmental impacts of each container.  

The design is then tested and verified, a project report is generated providing new packaging technical designs and photos, a before-and-after comparison table and a container loading diagram.

Intertek’s sustainable packaging optimization services include:

Packaging Evaluation and Re-Design

  • Product protection
  • Legislative considerations
  • Waste prevention, reusability, recyclability and disposal

Packaging Optimization

  • Improve product protection and reduce defective products
  • Reduce packaging and transportation costs
  • Improve container efficiency and reduce environmental impacts

Green Packaging Claim Certification and Testing

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