Permeation of Flexible Barrier Materials Using a Modulated Infrared Sensor according to ASTM F 1249

Water Vapor Transmission Rate Scope:
ASTM F 1249 is a standard test method for measuring the water vapor transmission rate through flexible barrier materials used in packaging or industrial applications. Key factors to understand material permeation include thickness of the material and environmental factors such as relative humidity and temperature. The method is applicable to sheets and films up to 3 mm (0.1 in.) in thickness, consisting of single or multilayer synthetic or natural polymers and foils, including coated materials.

ASTM F1249 Test Procedure:
At a selected temperature and humidity, a barrier film is sealed between a wet chamber and dry chamber. A pressure modulated sensor measures moisture transmitted through the material tested.

Typical Test Area: 50cm2

Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) g/m2 per day

**Please note that this test description is intentionally generic in nature and aimed at providing a descriptive summary to enhance test understanding. Standards can be obtained from appropriate standard authorities.

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