Determination of the injection mold shrinkage.

The dimensional stability of the injection moulded articles is critical. Mold shrinkage measurement is important to understand both the manufacturing process and whether the product meets the quality specifications. 

For accurate determination of dimensional properties and injection mold shrinkage, our scientists operate a 3-dimensional measuring device (3-D CNC measuring machine). The measurement method is based on ISO 294-4 and the accuracy (size-dependent) is about 4 µm. Typical dimension of an injection molded plaque to determine the mould shrinkage, would be 65x65x3.2 mm or 80x80x2.2 mm.

Our polymer scientists and experts in injection molding can support you with all aspects of your injection mould testing requirements. Intertek specialists have a broad range of injection molding machines and molds at their disposal for experiments.

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