Compressive Strength of Sandwich Cores using ASTM C365.

The test method is used to determine compressive strength in the direction the core would be placed in a structural construction. Core materials applicable include continuous (foams) and discontinue bonding surfaces (honeycomb) – stabilized or unstabilized.

Test procedure: Install the conditioned specimens (if required) into the loading platens on the Universal Test Machine and initiate at a specified grip separation significant enough to produce failure within 3 to 6 minutes. The standard speed is 0.50 mm/min [0.020 in/min].

Specimen size: Five specimens tested at thickness.

  • Continuous bonding surfaces – minimum facing area shall be 625 mm2 (1.0 inch2)
  • Discontinuous cellular bonding surfaces – 60 cell minimum per test specimen

Data: From flatwise compression results the following calculations can be made:

  1. Ultimate Strength
  2. Failure type/mode

**Please note that this test description is intentionally generic in nature and aimed at providing a descriptive summary to enhance test understanding. Standards can be obtained from appropriate standard authorities.

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