Shear Strength and Modulus Sandwich Cores, identification of compression or tension characteristics of composites by ASTM C273

This test method is used to determine core shear properties of a sandwich construction material using loading plates bonded to the outer surfaces or skins (face sheets). The test is applicable for either continuous (foams) or discontinues bonding surfaces (honeycomb).

Test procedure: The bonded loading plates are either pulled in tension or pushed in compression on a Universal Test Machine in order to shear the material within 3 to 6 minutes. Intertek currently only has the capabilities to perform the compression method.

Specimen size: Intertek currently has the capabilities to test specimens 2” wide and up to 1” thick.

Available data from ASTM C273: 

  • Ultimate core shear strength
  • 2% offset shear stress
  • Engineering shear strain
  • Core shear modulus
  • Failure type

**Please note that this test description is intentionally generic in nature and aimed at providing a descriptive summary to enhance test understanding. Standards can be obtained from appropriate standard authorities.

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