Carbon Black of Olefin Materials ASTM D1603

Determination of carbon black content in Olefin materials like polyethylene or polypropylene that do not contain nonvolatile additives or fillers. The test is often used as a quality control measurement for black polyolefins.

Test Procedure:
A sample of known weight is placed into a weighed combustion boat. The sample is then placed into a 600°C tube furnace under a dry oxygen free Nitrogen purge. After a set time the combustion boat with the burn residue is cooled under the nitrogen purge and weighed. The combustion boat is then placed into a 600°C muffle furnace to oxidize the carbon residue. When the carbon is completely oxidized the combustion boat is cooled and weighed.

Specimen size:
One to a few grams

The percent carbon black =
(Wr - Wo) x 100

Wr = the mass of the residue from the tube furnace
Wo= the mass of the residue from the muffle furnace
Ws= the original mass of the sample

Equipment Used:
Tube furnace,   Muffle furnace, Combustion boat, Analytical balance, Oxygen free nitrogen, Flow meter


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