Expertise for perceptive property testing for automotive plastics and polymer materials, including color, gloss, scratch, haze and appearance

Within the automotive industry, polymer, plastic or compound materials are tested for their perceptive properties, which describe how a product is perceived by end users in regard to color, gloss, scratch, haze, appearance and more.

Tests are carried out by our industry experts at our state of the art testing facilities.

Automotive plastics perceptivity tests include:

Method Standard
Scratch resistance customer specific methods
Gloss DIN 67530
Haze / Transmission ASTM D1003A
Fogging DIN 75201 e.a.
Coating adherence number of methods available
UV-resistance  number of methods available
Volatile Organic Components (VOC) PV3341, VDA 277, customer specific methods
Vapour beam customer specific methods

Further capabilities include 60T and 320T injection moulding facilities, which are set up in a controlled laboratory environment for research projects (eg. testing optimal screw and screw/cylinder combinations) and injection moulding of real size automotive components which gives the opportunity to test materials in an very early stage in its final form.

Intertek operates high-tech analytical lab testing facilities and methods for testing additives and fillers in performance enhancers:

Intertek laboratories operate under the relevant quality standards incl. ISO9001:2000 and ISO 17025 accreditation for many tests.

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