Automotive polymers and plastics functionality and tests for including expertise in physical testing to gain understanding of the materials’ properties

Intertek provides plastics functionality tests to determine the mechanical properties of polymers, plastics and composite compounds used by the Automotive Industry. Tests include hardness, tensile strength, impact strength, dimensional stability, heat of combustion and more.

Plastic functionality processing laboratory tests for the automotive industry

Charpy (-40 - 120 °C) ISO 179 1eA / 1eU, 2C
Izod (un)notched (-40 - 120°C) ISO 180 1A / 4A
Flexural modulus (-40 - 120°C) ISO 178, ASTM D790
Tensile strength (-40 - 120°C) ISO 527 1A, 1B, 5A / ISO 37/2
Falling dart (VEM) ISO 6603
Shore hardnessISO 868
Ball indentation Hardness ISO 2039
VicatISO 306 A/B
Linear expansion coefficientASTM D696 (CLTE)
Heat resistanceIn house method
Mould shrinkageISO 294-4

Intertek offers broad range of high-tech analytical testing facilities and methods available for testing of additives and fillers in performance enhancers:

Intertek is ISO 9001:2000 certified and has ISO 17025 accreditation for many tests.

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