Automotive component materials testing such as ASTM, ISO, VDA and characterisation program for processability approval of polymer materials and compounds

Our processability program for plastic automotive materials is focused upon selection and development: important aspects of today's innovative automotive materials industry such as quality, availability and cost reduction are important factors for the automotive market.

Intertek polymers and plastics automotive material testing and characterisation programs shorten development and production lead times by testing raw materials and compounds in its final form, after an initial selection by product specification. The program covers mechanical characteristics, processability and the environmental impact of plastics, from bumper to interior blends.

Automotive plastic components will be tested to automotive testing standards, including VDA, DIN, ISO, ASTM and OEM-specific.

The experience of our automotive plastics experts support and guide companies in order to fulfil these market demands.

In the automotive plastics processing approval program, plastic raw materials are characterized by

The program offers the opportunity to assess the materials and compounds on laboratory scale, and the program is adjusted to clients' needs and can be performed for every stage of your development or production processes.

Please contact us to speak with one of our experts on the automotive plastics approval programs and the processing of real size automotive components on lab scale to prove characteristics/processability of recipes.

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