Chemical resistance tests in accordance with international and in-house methods for the automotive plastic and polymer materials industry

Chemical resistance testing on plastic automotive materials is essential to gauge how such parts withstand the influence of mostly aggressive, automotive fluids such as fuels, biofuels, cleaners, cooling liquids and lubricants, often in combination with high temperature fluctuations. 

With our experience in automotive fluids and chemicals, in combination with our expertise within automotive polymers and plastics, Intertek experts provide accurate test data and expertise on the impact of fluids in relation to your polymer automotive materials. Testing is done according to international standards. Alternatively, custom-made testing can be provided.

Examples of chemical resistance testing: testing the impact of biofuels on fuel tanks, impact of lubricants on wiring, resistance of a car surface against automotive lubricants but can also include the impact of cleaners or cosmetics on your car interior or exterior. Testing can be handled according international standards, such as ASTM D543 or OEM-specific standards. 

Automotive plastics testing includes:


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