Facilitate real-time microbial monitoring with BugTracker, our unique application offering you an advantage over the microorganisms threatening your productivity.

Intertek Capcis

Applying microbial monitoring to analyse the behaviour of microorganisms is essential to maintaining oil and gas infrastructure.

Biodeterioration of metals, fluids or gases, or processes such as flow, filtration and separation, is brought about by the presence and activity of microorganisms and can cause a wide range of financially-costly issues if left unimpeded. 

Failing to implement adequate microbial monitoring could result in unseen developments: complications such as reservoir souring, emulsion formation and blockages in fuel systems, all of which may be difficult to cost-effectively control if discovered too late. This leaves limited options for emergency remedial action and may necessitate complete material replacement or abandonment. 

Researching and delivering microbial monitoring solutions to the oil and gas industry for over three decades has led to the development of our unique in-house web-based management tool, BugTracker. 

BugTracker is designed to assist your business in reducing the risk of asset failure, safeguarding the health of personnel and optimising expenditure.

Providing continuous microbial monitoring and control, BugTracker allows you to predict the likelihood of problems developing and address existing damage before it becomes unmanageable.

Its early-warning system alerts you to deviation from agreed key performance indicators, while customised system diagrams highlight developing issues, allowing for timely remedial action.

Access to the BugTracker online portal enables you to track samples, trend data and ensure that important information, reports and records are stored and readily available in one central location.

Conducting microbiology research and development from our centres of excellence, we remain at the forefront of innovative oilfield microbial monitoring technologies and Total Quality Assurance solutions.

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