Providing valued production support to oil and gas organisations, we bring a wealth of experience to clients seeking to improve efficiency, minimise risks and boost productivity.

Post-exploration production support is an important and valued asset during the extraction process. Following the results of an initial analysis, oil and gas reserves can demand vastly different treatments and procedures.

Further technical challenges are presented by potential reservoir contamination, trace metals detection and the many problems that can halt operations and cause output decline.

The high-end services required to address these issues demand specific expertise and are required throughout appraisal, development, production and transportation. 

With us as your production support Total Quality Assurance provider, you will gain a clearer vision of your oil and gas opportunities and explore the best approaches to improving efficiency and yield. 

Our state-of-the art facilities and world-class scientists, engineers and technicians allow us to offer a wide range of production support services. 

These include hydrocarbon characterisation, pipeline allocation, crude oil assay, oil condition monitoring and deposits analysis. A full suite of water chemistry services is also available, incorporating analyses such as scale identification and optimisation of production chemicals.

In addition, our production support experts can provide comprehensive consultancy services for your business. Our consultants possess specialist knowledge of related niche areas and regularly travel to strategic oil and gas locations to fulfil client requirements. 

Working with a time-tested partner with a reputation for delivering quality will add a competitive edge to your business and help strengthen your profile in an increasingly competitive industry. 

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