Commissioning microbiology research and development is a priority for oil and gas companies seeking to explore and innovate in an ever-evolving industry.

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Microbiology research and development is a fundamental undertaking for oil and gas organisations as they seek to safeguard their assets against microbial threats. It can also lead to developments that usher in new technologies and approaches in the competitive exploration and production environment.   

Forward-thinking oil and gas organisations recognise the importance of microbiology research and development in maintaining and maximising productivity. 

As hydrocarbon extraction and the associated preservation of offshore facilities become increasingly challenging, it is a monumental task to understand, analyse and mitigate the effects that microbes have on oil and gas infrastructure and assets. 

Choosing an independent partner with the specialist facilities, experience and knowledge of this niche discipline is key to accessing successful and informative microbiology research and development. 

Led by experienced, formally qualified microbiologists, geochemists and biological scientists, our microbiology research and development team continually reviews and redevelops Total Quality Assurance strategies that have the potential to improve the efficiency and quality of your operations.

Our in-house facilities employ dynamic flow bio-reactor systems which model the field and allow us to evaluate techniques including nitrate injection, biocide application, sulphate removal, filtration and fuel contamination control. 

Implementing advanced molecular microbiology techniques which require no culturing means that, compared to traditional methods, results are more specific and have a significantly faster turnaround. Favourable microbiological activities, such as microbial enhanced recovery, can also be investigated to maximise secondary and tertiary recovery.

As well as conducting in-house research, we embark on projects in collaboration with our clients and can provide your business with a full suite of related oilfield microbiology and exploration and production services.

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