Reservoir formation evaluation services offer greater insight into the data gathered from your wellbore, thereby aiding and improving your decision-making processes.

The requirement for reservoir formation evaluation arises at the critical initial stages of exploration and production projects. 

Reservoir formation evaluation sees oil and gas organisations faced with the challenge of indirectly assessing a well for its production viability under complex conditions. 

Each reservoir’s unique environs need to be explored and understood using a range of measurements taken from inside the wellbore.  

The end result is the use of this data to produce logs calculating the quantity of oil and gas stored within the rock, enabling companies to make informed decisions on their subsequent drilling plans. 

With maximum efficiency, speed and cost-effectiveness as priorities, you need a reservoir formation evaluation partner with the ability to understand the unique conditions and challenges of your reservoir. 

Delivering trusted Total Quality Assurance services for more than three decades, we can offer you world-class knowledge and support throughout all stages of exploration and production. 

At Intertek, our reservoir formation evaluation expertise range from unconsolidated sands to fractured carbonates, from heavy oil to condensate reservoirs. 

Our experienced teams apply experimental, theoretical and computational models of rock and soil properties to in-situ problems.

Routine and special core analyses are among the services we specialise in, incorporating options such as invasion studies, computed tomography scanning, capillary pressure, wettability, improved oil recovery solutions and reservoir condition measurements. 

Geological studies we offer can encompass aspects such as sedimentological and petrological studies, scanning electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction analysis and low resistivity pay evaluation. 

Formation damage, prediction and prevention and geomechanical properties can also be examined, such as shale stability and shale-fluid interactions and hydrostatic, triaxial and uniaxial measurements. 

Opting for our reservoir formation evaluation services will give you with the knowledge and confidence you need to address oil and gas industry challenges. 

Informed by decades of innovative research and development, our geochemists, engineers and consultants will work to deliver value and add a competitive edge to your business. 

Oil and Gas Reservoir Evaluation

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