Routine core analysis for the oil and gas Industry.

Core analysis provided by Intertek includes routine core analysis and special core analysis. Petrophysical core samples may be associated with oil and gas reservoir exploration and production, storage, hazardous waste disposal, or remediation, or other applications.

Routine core analysis determines basic petrophysical properties of cores or outcrop samples recovered from geologic formations at depth or at surface exposure. Cores evaluated include lithologies such as sandstones, un-cemented sediments, carbonates, shales, and coal. Core samples are taken in either a vertical or horizontal orientation with respect to the surface.

Core testing:

Routine core analysis is the determination of generally, non-dynamic petrophysical properties that may be performed in a well completion time frame depending on the type and volume of analysis. This time frame may be from 24 hours to several weeks, depending on the amount of material to be analyzed, the type of analysis, and the permeability of the material. The Intertek Westport Technology Center performs a wide range of core analysis, working with clients and samples on a global basis. Intertek Westport provides Total Quality Assurance  core analysis and more specialized analyses useful in the determination of reservoir properties.

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