Drilling fluid testing to support client oil and gas E&P operations.

Intertek staff bring Total Quality Assurance expertise to drilling fluid projects, and can modify or tailor existing tests to address specific drilling problems. Drilling fluid analysis, problem solving, rig-site assistance, training, and audits are available. Intertek also provides Drilling Fluids school training programs. 

Drilling fluids testing includes API and ASTM procedures:

  • Rheology
  • Fluid-Loss Characteristics
  • Filtrate Ion Analysis
  • Solids Analysis
  • API Specification Tests
  • Drill Mud Contamination

Specialized drilling fluids testing:

  • High-Pressure, High-Temperature Viscometry
  • Dynamic Fluid-Loss Analysis
  • Lubricity Coefficient of Friction Measurements for Metal/Metal, Metal/Sandstone, Metal/Shale, Metal/Filter Cake Contact Surfaces
  • Shale-Fluid Interaction Analysis
  • Gas Hydrates/Mud Phase Behaviors
  • High-Pressure, High-Temperature Viscometry

Drilling Fluid rig site assistance, consulting and auditing:
Intertek staff have years of field and laboratory experience, and are available to provide rig site assistance for problem wells. Intertek experts develop and deliver training in drilling fluid technology, ranging from basic overviews to advanced programs. The independent status of the Intertek Westport laboratory provides clients with accurate, objective and unbiased evaluations and reviews of drilling fluid issues, drilling fluid projects and drilling programs.

Focused drill fluid research, consulting and training:
The Intertek drilling fluids group undertakes applied research, technical training programs and consulting assignments. Intertek maintains a leadership role in drilling fluid technology by active participation in Joint Industry Research Programs, industry consortia and government-sponsored research.