Specialized core analysis using NMR.

NMR measures geological core samples to determine critical pore and fluid properties. NMR measures reservoir parameters including T2 relaxation cutoffs and permeability relationships for downhole logging calibration. Low-field NMR spectroscopy measurements provide core-to-log calibration. NMR technology helps determine pore structure and wettability properties, optimize logging parameters.

Intertek provides Total Quality Assurance NMR expertise for application in special core analysis (SCAL) evaluation services. The NMR laboratory is capable of measuring at reservoir and ambient temperatures.

NMR geological core sample analysis and evaluation tests:

  • Effective Porosity
  • BVI and Free-Fluid Index
  • Pore Size Geometry
  • Pore Size Distribution
  • Fluid Saturation
  • Diffusion Coefficient
  • Permeability Models
  • Wetting Characteristics
  • Oil Viscosity

Working with the client, the laboratory tests for a wide range of geological and oil and gas reservoir properties, and conducts petrographic studies.