Reservoir fluids physical properties testing and chemical composition.

Intertek provides Total Quality Assured, high-quality reservoir fluids analysis for exploration and production clients. Expertise in petroleum geochemistry and reservoir development ensures the efficient use of samples, saving time, reducing volume requirements and transportation costs.

E&P oil and gas reservoir fluids testing:

  • Phase Behavior of reservoir fluids (PVT Analysis):
    • PVT Routine Reservoir Fluids Testing
    • Unconventional PVT analysis
    • Thermo-physical analysis of pressure, volume, and temperature (PVT) of reservoir fluids
  • Reservoir fluid sampling
  • Wellsite sampling services:
    • Consultation on sampling techniques
    • Global travel to wellsite locations
  • Reservoir laboratory testing:
    • Black Oil studies
    • Condensate studies
    • High pressure and temperature analysis up to 20,000 psi and 400F
    • Compositional analyses to C-36+ (extended range to C-70 is available)
    • Constant composition expansion with relative volumes
    • Viscosity measurements using capillary viscometers
    • Differential liberation (black oil) or constant volume depletion (condensates)
    • Swelling studies and mixing studies, used primarily for gas injection or improved oil recovery (IOR) operation
    • Reservoir Continuity Assessment
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