Benefit from our comprehensive experience to achieve the most value from your assets and LNG infrastructure projects.

Our LNG clients need their projects to deliver long-term, sustainable success in a fast ever-changing world. We work closely with owners and operators, partnering with them to maximize the value of complex projects while minimizing risks that impact quality, safety and efficiency. We do this by delivering trusted total quality assurance solutions that our clients have come to rely on during the full lifecycle of their upstream, midstream and downstream projects. 

Utilizing technical expertise that extends from cutting-edge technology to 'real world' experience, our diverse services and capabilities enable us to provide significant quality and cost-saving solutions.  By taking a proactive risk-based approach to quality control programs, we help you avoid costly projects delays that can occur as a result of potential problems such as equipment failure, component defects safety incidents and more.  From planning, design, procurement and fabrication to construction, installation, commissioning and operations, Intertek’s end-to-end LNG services help ensure your projects are safe and successful. 

From concept and feasibility through design verification, construction, operation and maintenance, Intertek’s engineering experts provide value-added and customized engineering services with a specialization in asset integrity management and life management of infrastructure, facilities, and equipment. Intertek’s Aware™ Asset Performance Management (APM) software platform provides a web-based collaborative management solution for owners and operators in a variety of industries.

Intertek offers a full suite of capabilities that support your needs for quality items and equipment delivered on time to ensure the project timeline is maintained.  As a global leader in technical inspection services such as vendor inspection, expediting and technical auditing, we bring customers a level of expertise unparalleled in the industry.

Every construction project has unique requirements and technical expertise in construction management support is vital. From project planning, coordination, monitoring and progress control, to site inspection, 3D laser scanning, dimensional control and non-destructive testing, our integrated site construction services support an efficient, safe and on-budget construction process.

Monitoring operating equipment is a vital element of asset integrity management as well as maintaining awareness of asset condition and service life. Intertek’s monitoring services and in-service inspection services support safe operations plans while providing assurance that your assets and processes will be in the best possible condition for uninterrupted safe operation.  Intertek’s Aware™ Asset Performance Management (APM) software platform provides a web-based collaborative management solution for owners and operators in a variety of industries.

The decommissioning solutions that we offer cover the full spectrum, from engineering and sea bed surveys to waste and corrosion management, material testing, certification, specialist secondment environmental assurance and inventories and data management.

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