Our oil and gas decommissioning services support your objectives to efficiently manage the interfaces and costs of your decommissioning projects.

Oil and gas decommissioning represents a monumental challenge for operators, specifically those with a presence in established regions such as the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico.

Wide-scale oil and gas decommissioning is relatively new territory in many regions and the industry has only just begun to establish official guidelines and best-practice.
Operators face the task of diligently planning the disassembling of infrastructure that has reached the end of its design life. Furthermore, minimising environmental impact, adhering to legal and safety requirements and ensuring that costs are carefully controlled must all be taken into account.
Offering oil and gas decommissioning services as a complete package is our Total Quality Assurance solution to this challenge. With decades of experience in asset management and integrity planning, our methods are underpinned by an emphasis on the importance of future-proofing - the anticipation of risks and development of mitigation strategies to keep materials functioning efficiently for as long as possible.

At Intertek, we strongly advocate the concept and promotion of a circular economy, or greater awareness of and planning for the re-use of materials and infrastructure. To us, these are concepts are the cornerstone of any oil and gas decommissioning strategy.
The decommissioning solutions that we offer cover the full spectrum, from engineering and sea bed surveys to waste and corrosion management, material testing, certification, specialist secondment
environmental assurance and inventories and data management.

With us delivering your oil and gas decommissioning services, you will have one dedicated point of contact and utilise our knowledge of your project to ensure that all phases run effectively together.

There are a lot of unknowns in decommissioning, but with us as your partner, you can be better prepared and equipped to tackle the challenges ahead.

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