Engineering-based technical assurance in support of the largest, most complex energy and infrastructure projects around the world.

Intertek Moody

As companies around the world invest to meet increased energy demand, the shift to renewables and Net Zero targets, they’re faced with increasingly complex operational and supply chain risks.  With our cutting-edge quality, safety and sustainability solutions, Intertek Moody is there to help mitigate these risks and bring complete peace of mind.  

Established in 1911 in the United States, Moody Engineering Co. focused on electrical engineering and construction. Moody moved into oil and gas in the 1920’s providing inspection and technical services, opening its first international office in 1948. Intertek acquired Moody International in 2011, and building upon our 100 plus year history we continue to deliver comprehensive customized engineering-based technical assurance solutions and support. 

The Moody heritage provides a foundation of experience and technical expertise that is perfectly aligned with the needs of our global customers as they overcome challenges and seize growth opportunities within the quickly evolving and fast-paced energy and infrastructure industries.  Intertek Moody is a strategic partner with global expertise that helps reduce risks, increase quality, optimize efficiency, and improve safety across the entire supply chain and all stages of a project's lifecycle.  

We’re proud to welcome back Intertek Moody… in honor of one of our founding pioneers…  and to recognize more than 100 years of technical expertise and industry-leading innovation that still drives our business today.     

Our customer excellence commitment is stronger than ever, supported by a rich legacy of anticipating, understanding and meeting your needs.  You will continue to receive the trusted and reliable global services you have come to expect.  If you have any questions or would like additional information, then please reach out to your local Intertek account manager. 

Vendor Inspection: Our global technical specialists cover every aspect of supply chain quality assurance to ensure equipment, materials and other assets comply with customer expectations and industry standards. Expert personnel, located in the world’s major industrial centers review adherence to quality procedures, inspect items, witness tests, verify measurements, assess workmanship and report supplier progress.
Expediting:  On any major project, delays in delivery of materials, products or equipment to their final destination can be very expensive. Working with every link in the supply chain, we proactively take measures to ensure that deliveries are made on time and to specification, keeping our customers’ projects running smoothly without costly delays. 
Technical Auditing:  We help customers gain a complete understanding of vendor capabilities through a systematic and independent vendor assessment. Audits are performed to ensure that system, practices and procedures are defined, documented, controlled and periodically assessed for effectiveness and compliance.  
Technical Resource Solutions: Project success relies on having the right skills in the right place at the right time.  We not only recruit highly qualified and experienced technical personnel, but we also provide ongoing support services relating to visas and work permits, local employment regulations and more.  
Project Management Assistance: Global projects are complex, high value and span multiple locations.  Our experts help owners and operators with a wide range of project requirements such as procurement management, project planning, project site services, HSE management and contract administration.   
RiskAware: Equipment purchasing customers want supplier inspection programs to be more efficient and transparent. Using our risk-based data analytics to pin-point risky areas within their inspection program they can optimize their supply chain strategy by focusing on the higher impact quality and safety risks.

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