Intertek Moody’s recruitment and service delivery team strives to provide the best blend of technical professionals, with essential skills and competencies, where and when they are needed the most.

The Intertek Moody Technical Resource Solutions group provides highly specialized technical contingent, contract, and even permanent personnel to our customers further enhancing their speed to delivery, in-house knowledge and experience, and service innovation.

We are proud to support contingent labor supply to projects for many of the world’s most prominent oil and gas operators, engineering, procurement, construction, and management organizations and service companies. Many of our deployed personnel include Technical Specialists, Technicians, Engineers, Managers, and other Professionals in the following fields:

  • Exploration & Production
  • Quality Control / Inspection
  • Health, Safety, and Environment 
  • Procurement and Supply Chain
  • Project Management and Controls 
  • Contracts and Compliance 
  • Engineering & Construction (Architectural, Civil, Corrosion, Drilling, Geoscience, Materials, Mechanical, Process, Production, Reservoir, Subsea / Deepwater, and more)

Whether you are seeking to fulfill short-term staffing needs or long term requirements, Intertek Moody's talent acquisition specialists are equally skilled at recruiting and retaining people for short and medium-term contracts or permanent placements. We always help you source the best possible candidate for your needs, while our established recruitment networks keep costs within budgets. 

Recognizing that the utilization of contingent and contract resourcing can be a significant part of our customers labor pool, we are also able to provide a number of metrics relating to health and safety, recruitment efficiency and quality, cost reporting, local content / diversity, and operations quality. We typically work with our clients in helping set goals for these key performance indicators, and then work together in achievement of such in order to increase efficiency in process controls all around.

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