In the Technical Resources sector, the Intertek Moody competitive advantage lies in its unique ability to blend the supply of expatriate personnel to a project with a comprehensive local content strategy.

Intertek Moody is a truly global operator with active recruitment in Eastern and Western Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Western, Central and Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Our offices represent strong local networks, helping you to meet local content targets and benefit from local expertise. In fact our staffing services typically achieve a 3:1 ratio of local to expat staff.

While we recognize the value of sourcing staff locally, we also understand that some skillsets are so specialized they require a comprehensive international search. That’s why our regional offices are linked to our online global recruitment database, creating a global network sharing resources and information, and working 24 hours a day to connect the right person with right job, wherever they are. 

We understand that recruitment doesn’t stop at providing you with the best candidates. Our Total Quality Assurance service provides support for recruitment, relocation and retention.

Intertek Moody offices are strategically located in the world’s major industrial locations, which allow our local staff to be your representatives ‘on the ground’, providing day-to-day support for your valued personnel.

We are very experienced in the facilitation of provision of visas and work permits, travel logistics and ‘meet and greet’ services for newly arrived employees. Essential, but often complex, local and international tax compliance requirements are taken care of. We can also address health and safety needs by monitoring security risks, vetting accommodation and transport suppliers, and in the event of a situation, coordinating emergency medical evacuation. 

Once we’ve helped you find your ideal candidate, you’ll want to maximize their skills and your investment. We can manage all aspects of the employment relationship, making sure that the expectations of employer and employee are met. Even after your project is complete we work to retain staff, giving you access to a pool of talent for future projects. 

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