Obtaining real-time hydrocarbon composition measurement data, monitoring crude quality and using it to aid future decisions can result in increased productivity, reduced operating and production costs, and ultimately a growth in profit.

This technology can be used to deliver real-time hydrocarbon composition measurements to optimise crude blends, providing you with an effective solution to optimising plant performance and allowing you to perform efficient allocation in a challenging environment.

Please join our Interpret team for this on-demand webinar, which will be focused on the rapid quality monitoring and allocation of hydrocarbons. Key discussion points will be:

  • Online composition measurements and quality assurance at platforms, pipelines and refineries
  • Performance of fiscal and/or field allocation
  • Rapid quality monitoring of hydrocarbons
  • Up-to-date properties and yields prediction for refinery optimisation
  • Determination of the refined economic value of a crude
  • Optimal management and scheduling of crude storage