Evaluation of opportunity crudes for composition and quality.

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Intertek works with crude oil producers, traders, and refiners to evaluate and assay the composition of potential opportunity crude oils for use in petroleum refineries.

Opportunity crude oils, while offering initial pricing advantages, may have composition problems which can cause severe problems at the refinery, harming infrastructure, yield, and profitability. Intertek crude oil assay laboratories measure opportunity crudes for a wide range of components and potential contaminants, including water, salt, metals, wax, asphaltenes, and more. 

Intertek crude oil assay reports provide comprehensive evaluations of opportunity crudes, giving the potential buyer and seller the needed data to make informed decisions regarding fair pricing and the suitability of a particular opportunity crude oil for a refinery.

Intertek operates the largest network of independent crude oil assay laboratories in the world, with crude oil sample shipment easy to arrange through our global network. Intertek helps refiners and sellers manage ever-changing crude oil supply issues, including quality and quantity requirements and situations, crude oil variations, contractual specifications. Global crude oil market volatility creates opportunities for arbitrage and feedstock savings. Intertek helps clients manage the commercial and quality risks associated with such opportunity crudes.

Treating opportunity crudes with additives to meet quality specifications:

Intertek provides a wide range of effective cargo additive treatment solutions which help adjust out-of-spec opportunity crude oils into acceptable quality specifications. 

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Crude Oil Assay Endorsement

“Superb support from Intertek allowed crude oil samples to be analyzed and approved in 24 hours while the cargo was still at sea, enabling the crude oil to be optimally utilized by our refineries and enabled the purchase of a second cargo only 4 days later.”
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