Petroleum refining feedstocks and crude oil quality testing.

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Crude oil and petroleum feedstock testing is provided to oil refineries and other clients, through a global hydrocarbons laboratory network staffed with experienced petroleum chemists and equipped with modern instrumentation. The crude oil and petroleum labs test to ASTM, ISO, IP, and other petroleum industry protocols.

Refining technical support services include crude oil assay testing, refined product QC, troubleshooting, contamination identification, catalyst evaluation, and pilot plant services. Crude oil assay testing expertise and resources at Intertek are world-class.

Crude oil and petroleum feedstock tests:

Crude Oil Assay ASTM D2892

Caleb Brett Cargo Inspection & Analytical Assessment Services

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Crude Oil Assay Endorsement

“Superb support from Intertek allowed crude oil samples to be analyzed and approved in 24 hours while the cargo was still at sea, enabling the crude oil to be optimally utilized by our refineries and enabled the purchase of a second cargo only 4 days later.”

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