Hydrogen sulfide testing of crude oil, petroleum products, chemicals and gases.

Intertek Caleb Brett

Hydrogen sulfide testing measures H2S content in hydrocarbon products, including petroleum, fuels, asphalt, gases and chemicals. Testing for H2S is available for the entire hydrocarbon supply chain, from crude oil production to petroleum refining, fuel and refined products transportation, blending, and storage. H2S analysis is performed rapidly to accepted industry standards, and is available on a global basis.

Hydrogen sulfide test methods:

  • Hydrogen sulfide content (vapor phase), ASTM D5705
  • Hydrogen sulfide content (liquid phase), IP570, ASTM D7621
  • Hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan sulfur, IP104, IP103, UOP 163
  • Hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide in aromatic hydrocarbons, ASTM D-853
  • Hydrogen sulfide in LPG, ASTM D2420
  • Additional hydrogen sulfide and sulfur related testing methods are available

H2S management and additive treatment solutions and expertise:

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