Hydrogen sulfide management in crude oil, natural gas, fuels, and petroleum refined products.

Managing hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a challenge at every stage of hydrocarbon production, refining, and transportation. Hydrogen sulfide harms product value, compromises environmental and safety compliance, damages infrastructure integrity from corrosion attack, produces odors, and more. Intertek offers expert hydrogen sulfide treatment and management services to help petroleum clients manage H2S problems.

H2S treatment and field services include oil reservoir, refinery, storage, and transport operations. Products treated for H2S include crude oil, fuels, and other refined petroleum products in storage tanks, tanker ships, rail-cars, and pipelines.

H2S occurs naturally in crude oil (sour crudes) and can be generated from refining processes, including hydro-cracking, hydrolysis and elemental sulfur production.

Intertek hydrogen sulfide management (H2S):

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