Bunker fuel quantity survey inspection (BQS).

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Intertek bunker fuel survey professionals provide professional quantity inspection services for clients on a global basis. 

As bunker fuel is often the largest contributor to the operational costs of a ship, it is critical that the fuel purchaser ensures the correct amount of fuel is received, or has sufficient information to substantiate their claim in the event of any dispute.

As bunkering operations often take place some distance from the fuel purchaser’s office, it is in their interest to engage a surveyor to verify the quantity delivered and oversee fuel sampling for laboratory analysis.

Responding to these concerns, Intertek Lintec offers impartial and independent bunker quantity surveys (BQS) through our network of laboratories and offices, covering around 250 ports in over 100 countries. Bunker fuel measurement, sampling and testing are conducted to accepted industry standards and accreditations, including ISO 13739, SS600, TR48, ISO 17020 and ISO 17025. In addition, clients’ own procedures can also be followed when stipulated.

The Intertek Lintec surveyor will also oversee and supervise bunker fuel sampling before arranging fuel quality testing at a convenient laboratory.

Reports issued for bunker quantity surveys include:

  • A quantity delivered calculation based on density and water testing
  • Detailed bunker survey and analytical fuel reports
  • Photographs as requested and when permitted

Mass flow meters

Many fuel purchasers have asked whether there will still be a requirement for bunker surveys for deliveries using mass flow meters. The Singapore MPA refer to the presence of a surveyor in their document, “Mass Flow Metering Delivery Procedure for Bunkering Date: July 2014” and in their FAQ document, state, “The role of a bunker surveyor being an independent party to witness and ensure compliance to bunker delivery processes remains unchanged.” The role of a bunker quantity surveyor is to be an independent party engaged to witness a BQS operation and ensure compliance to bunker delivery procedures. However, the function of a bunker surveyor might well change for MFM deliveries.

For example, in order to ensure the integrity of the entire MFM before and after the delivery the surveyor will be required to cross check the seal verification report and the actual physical seals at various locations in the mass flow meter system.

The detailed actions required from bunker surveyors are covered under the MPA - Generic MFM delivery procedure.

Other services available from Intertek Lintec include:

  • Remaining on-board (ROB) survey
  • On-hire / off-hire surveys
  • Bespoke training on both quantity and quality aspects of bunker fuel for technical, operational and other staff members.

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