Marine bunker fuel quality testing and inspection.

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All commercial bunker fuel analysis is performed in accordance with the ISO 8217 specifications (2005 / 2010 / 2012 / 2017) which not only offers fuel purchasers guidance regarding the quality of product supplied but also helps ensure compliance with mandatory safety and environmental requirements such as SOLAS, MARPOL Annex VI, the EU Sulphur directive and Emission Control Area (ECA) requirements.

The ISO 8217 specification is specifically designed to reflect the changes in the industry with one eye on what the industry may expect moving forward. This being the case it offers the most up to date constraints with regard to quality of product available and gives a greater degree of protection to fuel purchasers. Analysis of fuels in conjunction with the latest version of the ISO 8217 standard provides fuel purchasers with an invaluable overview of the quality of fuels currently available for use as well as providing guidance in relation to the changing face of fuels to allow optimal treatment of products once on-board.

Intertek Lintec’s Priority Advantage Desk (PAD) ensures the rapid expedition of samples to our laboratories, minimising the time taken from bunkering to reporting results of analysis. Bunker fuel testing and inspection capabilities are located in major shipping centres around the world, including Rotterdam, Shanghai, Singapore, UK and the USA.

On receipt of samples in the Lintec laboratories testing and reporting is complete within 24 hours.

Detailed reports of analysis, with full engineering comments, inform vessels of the quality of the fuel received and, in the event of any off-specification parameters, give recommendations for corrective treatment and fuel handling.

Intertek Lintec’s constant monitoring of marine fuels enables identification of trends in bunker fuel quality, both worldwide and by region.

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